Your Site May Not Need Twitter & Face Book

Twitter and Facebook…are not just technology for teenagers, but they’re not necessarily the “Bees Knees” for your business either.

Over recent years, businesses have increased and enhanced their use of technology dramatically.  The foundation of many small business marketing platforms is their website.  Businesses are investing more, learning how to use their websites more efficiently, and executing technological changes that improve their marketing strategies.   

I’m now being questioned about Twitter and Facebook.  Businesses say, “I need to have them on my website”.  My first question is why?  These interactive technologies can be useful marketing tools for some specific businesses, but aren’t necessarily for everyone. 

If you have a content laden, easily navigated, contact friendly website for a business such as, well, let’s say small business consulting, what advantage will Twitter and/or Facebook add to the site?  My answer is little or none.  To use the baseball metaphor, if you already have the bases covered, don’t worry. 

Now this will surely infuriate the Tweeters