Primary Care Physicians Need Some Love

The gap between Primary Care Physicians and Specialists continues to widen.  This is not good news for anyone.  We are already feeling the crunch of fewer PCP’s, and the next few years will see many more Americans seeking a primary care physicians as our new health care legislation phases into law. 

This compensation disparity between specialists and primary care docs widens geometrically.  Specialists now earn $135,000 per year and $3.5 million during a career more than a primary care doctor;  See info

  • Clearly, with this type of incentive, many more docs are becoming specialists and eschewing the field of primary care;
  • The PCP base is shrinking at exactly the time we need it most;
  • The new Health Care legislation is heaping 37 million more Americans into the health care system and they all need a PCP

Direct Care practice denotes an experienced primary care physician who limits his or her practices to 300 to 400 patients and works for an annual fee rather than accepting insurance payments.  This allows patients to receive the care they need and deserve and PCP to practice medicine in a thorough and safe manner while achieving a reasonable earnings level.