Building a Successful Insurance Agency…One Customer at a Time

An insurance colleague recently argued that independent insurance agencies were a dying breed…that consumers now only want to buy insurance online, from large, well-known companies and at the lowest price. Insurance buyers, he argued, no longer care about personalized service or a business relationship with their insurance agent.

I couldn’t disagree more! Difficult financial and economic times are just the time when consumers want an expert to talk over options, issues and alternatives. In a tight economy it’s more important than ever to make the right financial decision. Even wealthier clients who might have dabbled in internet shopping in the past opt for personalized service and expertise when money is tight.

In fact, hard times create opportunities for professional agents. Difficult economic times enable an agent or broker to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology and use it to sell and provide better service for clients. However, a bit of a warning – today’s customers demand professionalism and a higher level of service today. Selling is a science, not an art. Be prepared to “Sell” a client with facts, figures and alternatives — not just “take an order”. (See my March blog … -still-seeking-the-magic-bullet

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