The Good, the Bad and the Photocopy

We publishers all appreciate a high quality print job. A printed piece on a pure white high quality stock, printed with jet black ink and in one’s favorite font…something those of us in the print industry love to see, touch, feel and smell. We all wish our final printed products or magazines could be of that quality…but alas, The Good simply isn’t practical, affordable or feasible given the pressures of budgets and print deadlines that must be met.

So, we turn to light weight paper stock, cheaper ink and run on lightening speed presses that operate 24-7, and we get what we bargained for…a quick, finished product that is budget pleasing, but not esthetically so. It will never pass the “smell” test of that wonderful freshly printed high quality piece. That’s The Bad…but now let’s talk about another surprising option The Photocopy. In the past we wouldn’t have dreamed of producing a piece by photocopying it. But in today’s world, we should. The copying industry has made and continues to make great technological strides much like printers have done. A magazine can now be produced in a quantity of ONE, yes, you’re reading me right – one. The cost? Well it’s not as prohibitive as you might guess – a mere 20 cents per page.

Don’t throw out your favorite printer with the bathwater, but if you’re looking to produce a limited piece, perhaps half a dozen copies to illustrate what your new publication or a company’s annual report will look like, this is ideal. Not only is it affordable, but the entire transaction can be done on line and shipped (one at a time) to any address(es) you choose. Again, limited usage, but absolutely ideal for that purpose. And, an investment of this sort — a small quantity of advance pieces printed this way — may turn out to be the closer for a deal of a much larger quantity. Nothing “sells” a client more than seeing a quality, finished end product of what they need. When looked at this way, it’s clearly a worthwhile investment.

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